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Now is the time to support our “Fourth Emergency Service”: Givewith and Sublime COVID-19 Ad Response Initiative

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A new reality for charities

Charities and non-profits form the social fabric of society, effectively acting as a fourth emergency service. As the COVID-19 crisis deepens and exposes more shortfalls in society, so the services these organisations provide are more in demand than ever, and the most vulnerable members of society are depending on them for help. UK charities are predicted to see their incomes plummet by at least a third due to the crisis, potentially creating a £4bn black hole in their finances.

A digital advertising solution with Givewith’s COVID-19 Response Initiative

Givewith’s newly-launched COVID-19 Response Initiative has been created in partnership with Boston Consultancy Group and Sourcing Industry Group. It aims to offer a lifeline to partner charities and non-profit organisations as well as supporting the internationally renowned NGOs, such as WHO and UN Foundation, that are at the forefront of the global response to the pandemic, enabling them to continue their essential work.

This multi-faceted initiative aims to have a profound impact at both the local and global level by supporting programmes that could provide funds for: Meals for children and the elderly - Books for children who are out of school - Disaster health kits for families - Accelerated vaccine research - Support for those suffering from mental health issues, loneliness and domestic abuse.

Media partners, Givewith Advertising UK alongside Sublime, can create bespoke campaigns for brands that will align with their sales messages whilst funding Givewith’s COVID-19 Response Initiative. Together they can deliver impactful, emotive campaigns that not only achieve the advertiser’s commercial goals but also affect positive social change and are part of a powerful, united response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all by harnessing the power of Sublime’s premium ad experiences.

Advertisers also have access to the “Give List”, Sublime’s exclusive network of premium and heritage publishers and media owners that provide preferential rates to help underwrite Givewith’s social impacts.

How does it work?

With Givewith, advertisers can raise brand awareness, perception and engagement performance whilst advancing positive social impacts and unlocking new sources of funding for charities and non-profits, all while utilising their existing advertising budgets. The social impact is actioned via a simple value exchange, in which the consumer gives their time or engagement and the brand advertiser underwrites a social impact in return: ”you click/watch, brand gives”. The CTAs are built into captivating, rich-media ad units created and delivered at scale by Sublime.

Andrew Buckman, CEO at Sublime commented

This partnership is great step forward in our continued mission to help brands expand their social responsibility initiatives and influence. By tapping into Givewith’s vast local and global network, our clients can find real stories that speak to their specific ethos and use online advertising as a force for good. Additionally, by enabling consumers to facilitate funding for charitable causes at a click, it will open up possibilities for brands to create deeper audience connections around a key shared purpose.

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