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Sublime enhances its high-impact mobile ad units to improve mobile experience

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London, 19th February 2020: Sublime, a global high-impact advertising marketplace that creates and delivers premium ad experiences, today announced an update to its extensive range of ad units as part of its new mobile web solution. Advertisers are provided with in-depth KPI feedback across the portfolio of mobile ad units, including view-through-rates (VTR), click-through-rates (CTR), impressions, engagement, in-view time, and completion rates.

The solution is available for direct or programmatic buying, either across Sublime’s Private Marketplace or in Programmatic Guaranteed. Since the launch earlier this month, clients utilising the updated formats have boasted: • Engagement rates of 2.9% • Average viewability rates of 80% (at least one second for display; versus Moat’s benchmark of 66%) • VTR of 60% (for videos up to 30 seconds) and 70% video viewability (at least two seconds for video; versus Moat’s benchmark of 58%)

The mobile web solution comprises Sublime’s entire offering, including classic, video, and interactive formats. The high-impact ad units create additional opportunities for more effective branding without compromising the user experience and have been developed to seamlessly integrate with the content of the webpage, while simultaneously driving brand recall.

Interactive solutions, such as 360° product shots, geolocation, product configurations, vertical and horizontal slideshows, further enhance the offering and provide advertisers with additional opportunities to increase performance.

Rachel Townsend, Agency Director at Sublime, commented: “The ongoing evolution of our mobile formats reflects Sublime’s dedication to creating high-impact and non-intrusive solutions for advertisers, agencies, and publishers. In mobile advertising, there are always new and better ways to enhance the user experience and our partners understand our commitment to constantly innovate and adapt to deliver best practice to our customers – and to the entire industry,”

Benchmark: MOAT All Buy Types Benchmarks Global | Q3 2019