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Brand Safety Policy

26th July, 2018

Sublime strongly supports trading transparency and believes its key assets (premium publisher network, strong expertise in innovative viewable high impact formats respecting the end user coupled with strong brand safety processes) position it ideally to protect brands for their online advertising campaigns. Sublime will make reasonable endeavours to minimise the risk of ad misplacement on its ad network comprised of more than 800 websites in the UK market and 4,000 globally. The processes that form the basis of these endeavours are outlined below.


Appropriate / Inappropriate URLs

Sublime manually vets all websites before acceptance to our high-impact ad units platform to ensure that they only contain appropriate content for our advertisers. In that respect, all websites are approved and manually implemented into our marketplace. Our ad server and filtering technologies prevent ads from being served to URLs which are not on our approved list. We have also developed a tool to detect any suspicious activity on our network, based on 80 learning algorithmic criteria coupled with statistical analysis. We also adhere to specific whitelists and/or blacklists supplied by agencies or advertisers and use a combination of in house and 3rd party tools to monitor where ads are delivered.
Across the sites contextual targeting can be used to exclude advertisers from unsafe content.

Prohibited Content

The below listed content categories are prohibited across the 3rd party websites we partner with to create our High impact Ad Network where adverts are served : • Adult Content • Offensive Language • Hate Speech • Illegal Downloads/Streaming • Illegal Drugs


Sublime supports the adoption and implementation of the ADS.txt protocol and has developed a mechanism capable of identifying inventory supplied by publishers who have adopted ADS.Txt.

Take Down Policy

In the event that an ad appears on a website which a client deems inappropriate, clients should contact their Account Manager within our business hours (for example in UK: Monday-Thursday 9am-5.30pm, Friday 9am-5pm). Sublime will make every effort to take down the advertisements within 24 hours. If requested from the client, the campaign can be paused whilst the relevant people investigate. The contractual consequences of not taking down an advertisement in accordance with Sublime take down policy are agreed with the buyer on a case by case basis.


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