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Meet Nicolas, Senior designer at Sublime

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Hi, can you say a few words about you?

Hello, my name is Nicolas, I’m 27 years old and I am a designer at Sublime. I come from Rouen in Normandy, and I studied graphic design for two years in Lens, in the North of France. I then finished my master degree in Paris, with the intent to work in the city, and this how I joined Sublime!

Can you tell us more about your position at Sublime?

I am a designer at the Creative studio, I’m specialised in animations and interactive advertising. My first objective is to work closely with our sales and account managers, to make sure we build creative ad units that are in line with the client’s brief and objectives for the campaign. My second objective is to stay on top of digital advertising and design new digital ad units - always making sure they are creative and non-intrusive, on multi device.

What is your favorite part in your job?

I am lucky to have a job with an international dimension at Sublime: I work every day with our offices abroad - mainly Singapore and London - which enables me to speak English on a daily basis and meet many people.

How do you find your inspiration to remain creative?

Creative competitive intelligence and watch are very important as part of my job, to remain creative but also to observe and analyse the emergence of new means of communication. Examples are filters on social media, or the democratization of TikTok with video consumption on a very intuitive interface.

What is your favorite format from Sublime?

My favorite format is the Tailormade, as it allows a wide variety of animations and customisation for a unique advertising experience.

Finally, your best memory at Sublime?

I was lucky to celebrate the company’s 5 year-anniversary. The setting for the seminar was perfect and it was the opportunity to gather all the teams from our global offices in the same place, to meet everyone face to face.


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