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Meet Louba, Designer at Sublime

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Interview Louba

Can you say a few words about you?

Hi! My name is Louba. I was born and raised in the North-East of France by a French dad and a Russian mum. I spent the biggest part of my studies in Lyon, starting with graphic design, 3D animation and then advertising. After a few internships in Moscow and Brussels, I moved to Paris and got my first job at Sublime, about a year and a half ago.

Can you tell us about your position at Sublime?

My job is to make the client happy. As a designer, my main role is to produce creatives for brands advertising across the globe. This also requires communicating with the teams involved and sometimes the client directly, so we can better understand their needs and how to make those stand out best. Besides, I also get to work on various projects, such as working on the improvement of our formats with my amazing studio colleagues, or also working alongside the other teams on new innovative projects for Sublime (thanks to our Factory).

What keeps you awake at night?

Hmm it could be quite a lot of things, but I would say it’s mostly when I am really into something, it could be a personal project, watching videos, playing games, or simply overthinking. Time flies and damn, it’s already 4am.

What is your best accomplishment?

Traveling was always a thing in my family, and I started to go abroad by myself at quite a young age. At 18, I left for Thailand to live there a year. I was hosted by Thai families and went to a private school with no foreigners. It was a country I knew nothing about and yet I managed to learn the language, meet some incredible people and see wonderful nature and that probably makes it the most enriching journey I’ve ever made.

Which creative format from Sublime do you prefer designing?

Hard one, depends on the day! I would say it is not so much about the format but mostly about the various brands we are working with. Any ad unit and solution could be great to build, especially because they will never look alike. What I enjoy the most is that even if I had to design only one format, it would still be interesting to build and somehow new each time.

A passion outside of work?

I will not explicitly call it passion, but I guess curiosity is what drives me. When I was younger, I wanted to become a paleontologist, so I learnt everything I needed to know about dinosaurs. Same came with Ancient Egypt, perfume and so many other subjects afterwards. Right now, I am really into Scandinavia, so I started learning Swedish. I love learning new languages, because you get to understand so much more than just words.

Now, some special questions for you:

Tea or coffee? I am more of a tea person (kind of always been a family ritual).

Run or yoga? Definitely yoga, I hate running!

TV or internet? Internet, because you get access to everything you need, including TV.

Reason or passion? It all depends on the mood 😊

Thanks Louba!


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