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Meet Marie, Business & Marketing Data Analyst at Sublime

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Interview Marie

Hi, can you say a few words about you?

Bonjour! My name is Marie. I was born in Lyon in France. I grew up in wine country until my family moved to the United States for two years. I then spend most of my life in Lyon but then moved around a bit for my studies in Newcastle, London … I finally moved to Paris and I’ve been at Sublime for almost 3 years now.

Can you tell us more about your position at Sublime?

I joined the (fabulous) Marketing team as Business & Marketing Analyst for a completely new opening within Sublime. I work closely with Sublime stakeholders with whom I share internal data and KPIs to give insights on the performance of our ad units. I also created the Study and Insight department dedicated to advertisers who want to measure the effectiveness of their Sublime campaigns on their branding attributes.

Everyone knows your passion for music, so we’ve prepared some special questions for you 💃🏻 🎧

Your music to kickstart your day? Here comes the sun by The Beatles – because it’s more often grey than sunny in Paris

Your music to work? Dreams from Fleetwood Mac – a childhood memory of when I didn’t work

Your music after shutting down your computer? After spending my day with the Marketing (dream) Team I ask myself Who Run the World? Girls of course! by Queen B

Your music to party [good old times]? Please Covid Don’t Stop me Now by Queen

Your music to energize the open space [good old times]? On a Friday Blinding Lights because it’s almost The Weeknd!

Your best memory at Sublime?

Best memories are usually after work when the Sublime Family -used to- have after-works and parties and seeing my very tired colleagues the next Friday morning!

Which project are you most proud of while working at Sublime?

I am very proud to have built the Goodeed partnership in France to bring more solidarity in the advertising world! Advertisers can now donate to the charity of their choice simply by booking a campaign with us.

A book you would recommend (to make the most of the lockdown/curfew)?

The “My Brilliant Friend” series by Elena Ferante, could not drop her books for months!

Your motto in life?

Be nice and nice things will come to you.

Thanks Marie!


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